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Frequently Asked Question

Rekeying is an easy way to update the locks on your doors. Rekeying a high-quality lock that operates well is your best choice. Some locksmiths could advise you to replace your locks.

To increase the security of home and family is known as a security system. A security system not only does this by detecting burglaries but also other risks including smoke, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and water damage.

These lockable mailbox designs resemble the drop box at your neighbourhood post office in that they include a hopper door. To prevent someone from reaching inside to remove your mail, when you open the door drop the mail inside.

The old locking door hardware is removed and replaced with new hardware when you change a lock, either by yourself or by a locksmith. Although changing your locks can be expensive and not always essential, you’ll have all new locks and all new keys.

It can be necessary to call a professional if you lack access to particular instruments or don’t have any success with these instructions. In order to keep you and your business safe and secure, a professional locksmith can remove the broken key and, if necessary, repair or replace your locks.

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